Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My first foray into blogging!

Hello my fellow knitters,

This is my first ever blog post!  Of course everyone is now aware of the power behind social media and this is my attempt to control this for the greater good (Hot Fuzz quote obvs!). 

I am hopeful that this blog will follow my expedition into the commercial world of dog jumpers.  I had better start by stating where I am currently... 


In fact I have only just taken up knitting once again after many years and even my previous attempts were not particularly fruitful.  Half a scarf here and there if you know what I mean.  I am currently in the middle of a tank top for my boyfriend Roberty for Christmas and it is interesting to say the least, I will post photos as soon as I can work out how. 

So you may ask why I am hoping to start a dog jumper business?  Well there are several answers to that. 

  1. I love animals, dogs and cats in particular, anything really you can cuddle, name and generally make a fuss of.
  2. I can knit..badly...but I can do it.  And am keen to get better.
  3. I have a beautiful model to try out my creations, her name is Lulu. A Pug X Bischon Frise, so adorable.  She is not actually MY dog but I love her as my own and she is the apple of my eye, the cream in my coffee etc.
  4. I am pretty sure I am about to lose my job, not for being rubbish I might add, just restructuring without me in it.
  5. Why not?  I love a plan.
I will have a play around and try to put some photos on.  Until next time knitters...

Sam x


  1. Sam''s adorable. I admire your determination. YOu go for it and I hope you sell a bunch!