Friday, 18 January 2013

Darn it!

Knitting is the perfect antidote for snowy weather - the cold weather has done wonders for my knitting! 

This week I have started and nearly finished several knitting projects.  I say nearly because I am missing what is seemingly a vital piece of knitting kit - a darning needle.  I am continuing my way through knittygritty and this is what I have accomplished so far;

Chunky Scarf (pattern - knittygritty; wool - Robin, Chunky)
My first finished project!!!!  This was super easy (as you might expect from a scarf) but I am so proud - I finished it and no holes!  Whoop whoop.

Finished Chunky Scarf

 Knit hats (pattern - knittygritty; wool - King Cole comfort chunky)
I loved making this as it was the first time I had followed a pattern and used 1x1 rib stitch! I also learnt how to decrease stitches. The wool is really luxurious and lovely to knit.  I picked up the wool from Wibbling Wools in Bury St Edmunds from a bargain bin, I bought 2 balls but tempted to go back and see if there is any left.  This is the first project where I realised I needed a darning needle, so it is not quite finished.  This does not stop me from putting it on my head - sad I know.

Knit Hat

Booties (Pattern - knittygritty; wool -Cygnet DK)
Roberty suggested I make these and I am glad he did.  I loved seeing them take shape and again practised my decreasing skills.  I am very tempted to make adult ones!

Baby Booties
As you can see I have plenty of darning to do which I must admit I am not looking forward to, but I have heard that this is quite common for knitters?  Knittygritty does give some styles of sewing up your work so I'll give those a go.  

On another note, I was meant to have a job interview this week but it was postponed due to the weather - I'll keep you posted!

Until next time knitters...

Sam x

Lulu & her BFF Foxy

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