Sunday, 13 January 2013

Knitting Epiphany

Firstly, I would like to thank the people who have commented on my blog posts so far. The amount of happiness this brings me is scary – I literally tell everyone I know that real people who I have not forced to read my blog have actually commented! So thank you very, very much.
This week I have had an epiphany! After reading knittygritty (the knitting book which I wrote about in my last blog) I was so excited that I decided it was time to let go of my first project – the disastrous tank top which I have since transformed into a snood. So, I needed to cast off. My first time. Very scary. But I followed the instructions in knittygritty, completely doubting my ability to do it correctly, and guess what? It worked. Not only did it work, it actually looked good, in fact, the neatest part of the entire piece. I was over the moon – for the first time I felt like a real knitter or at least have the potential to become one.

Casting off success!

With this in mind, I resolved to follow the book completely. Rather than jump ahead to the hot water bottle cover (which I really want to do) I decided to stick with the suggested first project – you guessed it, a chunky scarf. Before Christmas I spotted some chunky wool so already had that and then borrowed some chunky knitting needles from Roberty’s mum. Now as I have started a knitting blog you would at least think I have the basics, well, *whispers* I have never cast on by myself….shock! Horror! The last time I did kind of do it myself, but my Mum had to rescue me on several occasions and even if I momentarily lost concentration she had to show me again. This time I followed the book – and it was easy! What was I so worried about?! I think in my head I had knitting filed away in the ‘magical’ section – where only those in the ‘know how’ can do it. Like I said, this week I really have had a knitting epiphany!

 With the chunky wool and needles, this project is growing 100x faster than my last one and no holes so far! I have no idea who it is for yet but I have plenty of time to decide that.

Chunky Scarf

In terms of the blog, I have joined twitter (@knitteddog1) and have been reading some really fabulous blogs, including Grace Paratee ( who kindly commented on my last post. Also after reading about other people attending knitting groups I am considering going along to one myself. I love reading about other people’s projects so I think I would really enjoy seeing people actually working on them and the chance to meet and talk to some like-minded people. It can only be a good thing in terms of my knitting knowledge as well as meeting new people, which I love to do.

So much more to add but I'll do another post in the week,

Until next time knitters.

Sam x

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  1. Don't get discouraged! Everyone forgets how to cast on for approximately the first 20 projects. You'll need to have instructions or a video right in front of you for a while yet.

  2. Thank you - very reassuring! YouTube has been a life saver. Just checked out your website - it is fab, I'll add you to my blog roll asap!